Sheriff and Shooter is the 1st episode in the series. It marks the beginning of a beautiful adventure.

Plot synopsis Edit

Sheriff tells the story of the Big Fart, a cataclysmic event that changed the earth into a butt shape it has a mutant infested right cheek, leaving only the left cheek for the humans. Sheriff runs from some Fetid Gases, resulting in a chase scene in the destruction of the bridge between the two cheeks. He then goes into a nearby town to attempt to sell a rubber ducky he found but he keeps a mysterious green gem (the Morphonite) hidden. It is here he meets Shooter, a "thief with principles". Sheriff orders a plate of beans. Fetid Gases build a bridge of themselves to get across the crack, as predicted by a lunatic in the town. Sheriff gives away his presence with a bean-induced fart and must fight the mutants. Sheriff and Shooter defeat them together, destroying a bar in the process. They then tell stories by the fire. They seemingly bond, before Shooter runs off in the night and takes Sheriff's car and gem. Sheriff is then ambushed by mutants yet he says that "He is Jim Rubik and he is a Treasure Hunter" which indicates the fact that Sheriff will get the Gem back.

Appearances Edit

  • Sheriff (AKA: Jim Rubik)
  • Shooter (AKA: Max Kugujma)
  • Barman
  • Dumbo
  • Fetid Gas

Notes & trivia Edit

Sheriff eats his first carrot of the series after escaping from the Fetid Gases., and his second at the end of the log.

Sheriff claims the gem is a breath mint.

Sheriff uses his catchphrase "It's mutant busting time!" for the first time in this episode.

Sheriff is a self proclaimed "treasure hunter".

A scarred Fetid Gas appears, pointing to the notion that mutants can be injured without dying and live for a significant amount of time.
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