Ryan Rubik
Character name is...

Ryan Rubik is the main antagonist in Mutant Busters ( as mutant) But minor/important character

Biography Edit

According to Jim Ryan was his only family and his best friend. Later on Ryan joined the army and Rubik came too. Later on the Big Fart happened and Ryan fell into a crack that mutated him into a mutant. Thinking he was dead Jim decides to go on an adventure with Vegan - Su , BP, Shooter, Valley- Claire and more. Later on in the series Ryan is seen as a hideos mutant when Vegan and Sheriff to go to his lair and stop him but instead he captures Vegan and forces Jim into giving him something , and tells Jim that his brother died in th very spot. Later on Ryan transforms into a half mutant half human species. Jim fights his brother and wins and Ryan turns back to normal but has no memory of what has happened.

Trivia Edit

1. Ryan can be seen during Vegan and Jims wedding.

2. Mutant Ryan speaks alot during the series but human Ryan barely speaks.

3. This show is available on Netflx.

4. Ryan is one of the characters in the series who does not say any cuss words.

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