The Fetid Gas is a Mutant that is seen in most of the episodes of Mutant Busters.


The Fetid Gas is part of the Buttiform Mutant family because seen from the front it looks like a green butt and the back it also looks like a green butt. However, the back is a darker shade of green. This Mutant is one of many others in its family like The Glutis and The Flying Gas because of its similar body shape. Its name comes from the rank smelling gas it blasts out when it attacks. Nobody knows where it come from but Sheriff does know it has something to do with the build up of pollution in the cities after The Big Fart. The Fetid Gas are the lowest form of all Mutant life. They are clumsy and dumb, which is why Sheriff and La Resistance can take them out so easily. The Fetid Gas hunt in packs. They fire dangerous chemicals out of their rear butt (heh).

Behind the scenes


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